A better grain marketing method can help to unlock farm profitability.

A Cargill MarketGuide advisor will direct you toward success.

Marketing your grain well is one of the keys to unlocking farm profitability. But marketing grain begins with a goal – what do you want to accomplish on the farm this year? In five years? In ten? Cargill MarketGuide advisors start at the beginning, knowing that your goals will set the tone for your grain marketing plan. Not only will these advisors help you create your goals, but a plan to help reach and even exceed them. More importantly, a Cargill MarketGuide advisor will help you revisit and work your plan throughout the year, particularly when the market signals opportunity.

We’ve built our reputation on the foundation of expertise. We help our clients become better grain marketers because we spend time with each farmer, one on one, to help them understand what their goals mean, how they can best reach their goals, and how they can build on their goals year after year.

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How It Works

You’ll work closely with a small team of local MarketGuide grain marketing advisors.

Local MarketGuide Advisors
Risk Managers
Risk Management Tools
Farm Maximizer

Local MarketGuide Advisors

Every MarketGuide client has access to two dedicated local advisors. Your advisors work to leverage each others’ strengths to ensure someone is always available to talk about the markets and your marketing plan

Risk Managers

Cargill MarketGuide has two dedicated risk managers working alongside Cargill traders. Backed by access to Cargill’s global footprint your dedicated risk managers provide timely trade recommendations and market insights throughout the season.


Risk Management Tools

Your dedicated local advisors advise you on the use of cash contracts, futures, and options to help you manage price risk and capture opportunity in the markets.

Farm Maximizer

Farm Maximizer is specialized grain marketing software that has been designed to help make you a better grain marketer. Farm Maximizer can be as simple or as complicated as you want to make it.

MarketGuide has Access to a Team of Global Experts

From marketing novice to expert, every farmer can benefit from partnering with a Cargill MarketGuide advisory team.

Cargill operates in every major grain producing region of the world and close to 70 countries. Our dedicated risk managers watch the markets in real time and talk with experts and grain traders across the globe. They understand the context behind market activity, and they share this insight with your Cargill MarketGuide advisors to help you make smart, informed decisions.

See for yourself what our clients have to say:

"They take care of everything for us. I feel like we're in great hands. We don’t have to worry. They take the stress off of us."
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Mark and Cathy Siegel, Northern Illinois - Cargill MarketGuide Client

Mark and Cathy Siegel, Northern Illinois - Cargill MarketGuide Client
Paul Finley, Northern Illinois - Cargill MarketGuide Client
Paul Hedberg, Minnesota - Cargill MarketGuide Client
Joel and Kelsey Gardner, Illinois - Cargill MarketGuide Client

Is MarketGuide® a Fit for You?

We tailor our solutions to your farm, making MarketGuide a smart business investment.

MarketGuide® has helped thousands of clients to realize their goals. This means that you work with a team of local MarketGuide advisors to build a plan just for you. But advisory services may not be a fit for everyone. If you would like to learn more about what we can do for your farm, please fill out the form below and someone will contact you in the next few days.