Get to know our specialized grain marketing software

Farm Maximizer has been designed to help you both build and execute on your marketing plan

Farm Maximizer presents information in a way that helps you better understand your farm. It helps you re-evaluate your farm finances, and acts as the common language between you and your advisory team. By keeping you focused on profitability, the Farm Maximizer can help you reach both the short and long terms goals of your operation.

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With Farm Maximizer, you get:

  • Grain Budgets – Help determine break-evens, which in turn helps decide which crops to grow
  • Overhead – Maximize profitability by staying focused on margin per square acre. This data can be used to analyze changes to the farm and the impact on the overall overhead (e.g. adding a new combine or air seeder)
  • Sales / Profits – Determines if you have a good return on the farm and whether you are generating enough cash to fuel growth
  • What-ifs – Provides scenarios to stress test your operation and think through new land or equipment purchases
  • Marketing – Organize what has and hasn’t been sold by contract type. It also tracks how you are performing compared to your plan. It details sales-to-date as well as all unmarketed grain

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